Student App Concepts from HCI Fall 2019

Teaching Dec 27, 2019

Every semester, I assign students in HCI at Chapman University the task of creating an app prototype. The students focus on solving a problem and work together in groups to create their app. This semester they were tasked with designing inclusive apps that would be useful to diverse students across the campus. Here are 4 minute videos created by the students that show their thinking and research.

Food Scan

Finds restaurants and provides in-depth information and filtering options for those with special dietary needs.

The Bundle

Searches for deals and pricing in grocery stores, helping students of all socioeconomic statuses find food they can afford.

Chap Menu

Provides nutrition facts and allergy information for food items offered in the university dining hall.

Chapman Room Reservation

Makes reserving rooms on campus easier for all students and faculty at Chapman.


Social media platform that helps students connect.